Relationship styles formed in the early years of life influence many parts of who we become as adults. Because these first connections are so important,  I believe in helping mothers develop, primarily, compassion for the self while navigating the sometimes stormy waters of bonding and parenting. I help mothers gain an awareness and understanding of the ways we connect as humans, as well as the emotions and actions that such connection surfaces. This understanding allows for increased presence, authenticity, and mindful intention in parenting and in life. 

Many phases of the parenting journey offer emotional challenges. It is very common for mothers to experience depression, anxiety, fear or ambivalence during the transitions that raising children brings.  A primary goal of counseling is to remind you that the resilient parts of yourself are always accessible.

The basis of my work with clients is the development of a safe and trusting relationship as the foundation of growth and change. Through the experience of fostering safe relationships within oneself and with others, we become better equipped to navigate life’s challenges.  With the backdrop of healthy relationships, we experience better resilience during times of stress, more social integration, and overall life harmony and well-being. 

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